poster for student exhibition at the AMP Gallery at Los Angeles Mission College


August 31 to October 31, 2020

Students were invited to create work that navigates, explores, explodes, and unpacks the notion of breathing.  From George Floyd’s alarming cries of “I can’t breathe,” to the fragile lungs of those affected with COVID 19, to the need for collective breathing to create serenity within a tense cultural space, to the personal and delicate notions of breath as an affirmation of the self.  This exhibition seeks to expand the notion of breathing as a cultural expression and cultural production

The Virtual AMP Gallery Student Exhibit – Click on Images to Expand
  • Yuridia Pena

    Yuridia Pena

    "Losing My Shit"

    Charcoal on paper, 36in length, 48 in width, 2020.

    Suffocating in myself, feeling as though the sun didn’t shine through the anxiety.

    Art Major
  • Jameah Palmer

    Jameah Palmer


    Acrylic Paint Markers on Board, 8in x 10in, 2020.

    A one out six canvas painting representing gloom.

    Art Major
  • Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez

    "In Authority We Trust"

    Pastels and charcoal on white paper, 8.3 x 11.4 in, 2020.

    While the world faces a pandemic America's underbelly is shown for all to watch in disbelief. Where federal agents are well equipped for protests while our medical professionals have to beg for equipment to keep people alive.

    Art Major

    Jose lopez is a student from Mission college having served four years in the Marines he felt that art was the passion he wanted to pursue. He previously worked in the special effects field producing silicone masks for various projects but decided to go back to school to focus on enhancing his artistic capabilities.
  • Saul Salazar

    Saul Salazar


    Color Photograph, Dimensions Variable, 2020.

    Grasping for air.

    Multimedia - Video Production Major - Graduated in Spring 2020

    Instagram: Other:
  • Guia Cartena

    Guia Cartena

    "Blossoming Azure"

    Digital Image, 2020.

    Multimedia - Graphic Design Major

    Guia Cartena is an aspiring artist who specializes in illustrations and visual designs. After obtaining her Associates in Arts, she is continuing her studies while creating an anime-inspired clothing brand - named "Chromatic" - with her close friends. Her work "Blossoming Azure" is the result of years of effort in attaining an aesthetic and style that she could call her own.
  • Jonathan Umanzor

    Jonathan Umanzor

    "Beach Ball Desire"

    Oil Paint, Digital Media, Photoshop, 2020.

    Goodness gracious Beach Ball Desire! For the past 5 months we've been stuck in-home because of the Corona Virus pandemic! The air quality outside has been dangerous and deadly so we've had to shelter in place at home by orders of the government with the desire for a beach ball! The safest air quality is at the beach where the cool breeze and open air make it less likely for corona virus transmission.

    Multimedia - Graphic Design & Art Major

    Jonathan Umanzor is a graphic designer and studio artist from Los Angeles. He completed the Graphic and Web Design Certificate from Mission College and is now interested in completing the AA Degree in Studio Art. His recent Life Drawing class with Adam Scott at Mission College inspired him to co-found Room308 Collective with three other classmates where they plan to run community events and exhibitions in the San Fernando Valley. He is interested in drawing the human figure, loves sketching, branding, logo and web design to name a few things. Jonathan's Certificate Degree in Graphic Design led him to land jobs at MNM Couture and AYN Services Inc in addition to other freelance commissions. Now he would like to continue his education in traditional art to make a living selling artwork online and at exhibition events. The art piece “Beach Ball Desire” is one of his newest works, it’s 8x10 inches and is a mixture of oil paint and digital manipulation. The artwork reflects his individual frustration of being trapped in his home and behind a mask for the past 6 months as he hopes the world returns to some form of normalcy.
  • Aaron Montallana

    Aaron Montallana

    "Introspection Whilst in Quarantine"

    Acrylic on canvas, 20in length, 24 in width, 2020.

    Made during quarantine, this piece reflects my feelings during a period of introspection one day.

    Multimedia - Animation Major
  • Juan Godinez

    Juan Godinez

    "Plastic Lungs"

    Oil on canvas, 16in length x 20in width, 2020.

    This painting was inspired by the feelings brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Art Major

    Juan Godinez is an artist, graphic designer, and photographer based out of the San Fernando Valley. He has studied drawing and painting the human figure, everyday objects and landscapes. He utilizes a variety of mediums for his work such as oil and acrylic paint as well as markers, colored pencils, pastels and ink. Juan’s art is inspired by morality and current social and political issues. His latest paintings tackle what it feels like to live during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Christopher Venegas


    Video Animation, 2020.

    Multimedia - Graphic Design Major - Graduate in Spring 2020

    Christopher Venegas is a professional Graphic Designer from Los Angeles. After completing an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science, Christopher felt unsatisfied and this led him to explore different interests. His interest in streetwear and skateboarding culture inspired him to create a skateboarding streetwear clothing brand. During the process of building a clothing brand, Christopher began to study graphic design to better understand how to create print graphics. Some major accomplishments for Christopher since earning his Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design include working alongside multiple reputable startup companies. These milestones have led him to his current position; designing print graphics at a screen printing and embroidery shop. His goals are to be constantly creating and evolving as a designer. This art piece titled “Trapped” shows the progression Christopher has made as a Graphic Designer by evolving his designs into 3D and motion graphics.
  • Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez

    "Jeannette At Rest"

    Oil on canvas panel, 9 in. x 12 in., 2020.

    My recent works revolve around the idea of "Formlessness". They explore the in between states, transitions and non binary being. "Jeannette At Rest" is the latest entry to my current series, which attempts to deal more specifically with the state of sleep, how it relates to death and how our own sate of being as the viewer affects our perception of such images.

    Art Major

    Danny R is an artist from Los Angeles. After studying drawing and painting at LAMC he went on to paint murals for Compton Unified School District. After some time painting murals, his desire to find a more personal expression lead him back to school. He went on to study at GNOMON School of Visual Effects in Hollywood then under the Watts Atelier of the Arts which nurtured his love of classical portraiture. He later returned to LAMC to inject a more modern conceptualization of art ideas into his classically trained drawing and painting technique.

    Today he works primarily in oils but also utilizes other media including acrylic paint, watercolors, ink, graphite, charcoal, and chalk. His work focuses on the exploration of identity and perceived self, utilizing the lens of portraiture and the negotiation between artist, the work, and the viewer to reveal the fluidity of interpretation.

    His more recent works explore the idea of "Formlessness", surveying the in between states, transitions and non-binary being. This painting "Jeannette at Rest" is the newest painting in his current series: "At Rest"
  • Anny Martinez

    Anny Martinez

    “Sing about me..”

    Acrylic on denim, lacing, grommets, 2020.

    When the lights shut off And it's my turn to settle down My main concern Promise that you will sing about me.

    Art Major

    Latina Designed Archive Reworked/Sustainable fashion only... Watch my story for peeks and drop info
  • Latisha Gonzales Frias

    Latisha Gonzales Frias

    "Let Them Breathe"

    Graphite pencil on Paper, 18in x 24in, 2020.

    With so much going on our country right now, I decide to participate in this project. I have gone to recent protests and seen the frustration and pain in people. I decided to add protest signs in my work to represent the voices of the people affected by the killings in the black community. My center piece is a portrait of George Floyd and on the right is a list of some of the victims killed by police brutality and hates crimes. I also added a link below the names so that people can find ways to donate, sign petitions and more. Even though I wish I could've added a bit more to this, doing this has been an honor and I look forward to creating more art with messages for the people!

    Art Major

    Latisha Frias is a 27-year-old artist from the San Fernando Valley. She discovered her passion for art at a young age. Being able to express herself through her work helped her gain motivation to pursue a career in art. Prior to realizing her true love for art, she changed her major twice from music to entomology while attending Mission College. She believes that the beauty of making art is that it reflects her thoughts and feelings towards current events and everyday life and invokes others to see and feel the emotion that was put into the work. She hopes to one day open a gallery that will uplift young artists and the youth in her community. The Breathe In Breathe Out exhibit inspired her to let her voice be heard. Her piece for the exhibit shows a portrait of George Floyd and the names of the victims of police brutality and hate crimes as well as protest signs. These signs represent the voices of people affected by the injustices that many black and African Americans endure.
  • Justin Ayala

    Justin Ayala

    "El Que Se Come Los Ninos Spawn No. 2"

    Sculpture, 8 1/2 " x 8" x 14 1/2 ", 2020.

    This sculpture represents a body whose organs are functioning outside of the body.

    Art History Major
  • Alex Corzo

    Alex Corzo

    "Dead Life"

    Black and White Digital Photograph, 2020.

    I was shooting a Expo Abilities (the event for people with disabilities) when I saw this person, I didn't know if he/she was sleeping, or just that's the way he/she live. I asked to the organizers and nobody knows about that person. I can't imagine all the issues this person has in life and how many years has he/she been suffering.

    Multimedia - Video Production Major

    ig: @alxcorzoph
  • Tyler Adams

    Tyler Adams


    Painting, 2020.

    "Breathe In, Boogie Out!" From the Telepathic One Eyed Aliens from the 70s!

    Art Major & Multimedia Animation



    Digital Image, 2020.

    Think and feel before you act.

    Multimedia Animation Major

    Ana Lanuza is a current student at LAMC. Her current major is Animation. She pursued a graphic design major in Guatemala, her hometown, although her true passion was always Animation. When she was 7 years old she painted miniature pain canvas. Recently, she works for the LAUSD and run a parent center where she help the community, that way parents can become a better role model for their children. Her 2 favorite quotes are: “Keep moving forward” and “be the best version of yourself “

    ✨?Ana Carolina Lanuza?✨ Instagram* DrawingLove78
  • Jaime Franco

    Jaime Franco

    "Love Never Dies"

    Found objects. Old guitar case, dried flowers, tree branches, styrofoam head, and feathered wing, 2020.

    This corner sculpture of found objects represents the love we have of ones who have moved on. Loved ones have cared for the sculpture of the deceased by decorating them with flowers. Bringing beauty and everlasting love showing that love never dies. The wing represents the freedom of the spirit once it has left its earthly body.

    Art Major

    The Southern California based artist Jaime Franco is passionate about inspiring love through her art. As a studio art student she works in many mediums including acrylic, oil, and found objects. Jaime has co-curated the art show "Spinning Straw Into Gold" at Los Angeles Mission College. She assisted artist Megan Geckler in her art installation for the group showing of “Surroundings". As well as artist Karla Funderburk at Matter Studio Gallery with her art installation show "Honoring Matter: A Memorial for the Victims of Covid-19". Jaime has shown her art in the group show "Language of Color" at la Galeria Gitana. She also taught as a guest artist at ArTes Magnet’s ArtFest workshops.
  • Jay Krataithong

    Jay Krataithong

    "BLM Huey"

    Digital Image, Size Variable, 2020.

    I was inspired by lots of artists coming out and making art pieces for the Black Lives Matter movement that I ended up creating this fan piece of Huey from Boondocks putting a BLM face mask on showcasing the rough times that we're currently in.

    I'm a fan of the Boondocks and I support the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Art Major & Multimedia Animation

    Jay Krataithong is currently a student studying Animation & 3D Design at Los Angeles Mission College. He is currently working towards his AA-T and will be looking to transfer to CSUN in Fall 2021. His interests revolves around video games & the creation of video games which inspired him to compete at an amateur level. Jay has also released a video game app on the Apple store already called Sherman the Alaskan Cow. He worked alongside Mike Padoongpatt and Geradine Jiravanichsakul to create a puzzle-based platformer game for the mobile phone. His title during the project was a Sound Designer & QA Tester. Some achievements that Sherman the Alaskan Cow achieved was during the past week of July 25, 2017, the app broke Top 10 in Ukraine and Thailand, Top 20 in Denmark, Top 25 in the U.S, Top 25 in Macau and Top 30 in Germany for the iPad. Jay's goals is to be an aspiring professional artist that works in the gaming industry. The piece that Jay has created is titled "BLM Huey". The piece is a fan art of the popular cartoon show "Boondocks" and provides the relevancy of what the main character would of stood for now.
  • Sarah C Corral

    Sarah C Corral

    "Those That Tear "

    Acrylic on canvas, 8in length, 10 in width, 2020.

    For all those who have shed tears while their lives were being taken away, for those who have shed tears for those who have passed.

    Art Major - Graduated Spring 2020

    Sarah Corral is a local Los Angeles artist, just receiving her Associate Degree in Studio Arts, she continues as a student in California State Los Angeles. She works with several medias such as painting and sculpture. Many of her works in painting are inspired with abstract art. Her recent piece “Those Who Tear” are dedicated to anyone and everyone who shed tears while their lives were being taken away and for those who have shed tears for those who have passed.
  • Hailey Carvajal

    Hailey Carvajal

    "American Failure "

    Mix media (watercolor, colored pencil, black marker, white ink, 2020.

    "Breathing is the first act of life and the last" - Joseph Pilates

    Multimedia - Animation Major
  • Jillian Shea

    Jillian Shea

    "Innocent Breath"

    Digital Image, 2048 x 1536px, 2020.

    During this time of a pandemic and human injustice I created a piece that symbolizes breath in a emotional way. In remembrance of George Floyd and all other Innocent Black lives that have been taken due to racism and violence. This work symbolizes the cries for help and begs to live. We will continue to say their names and fight for justice.

    Multimedia - Graphic Design Major
  • Ariana Robles

    Ariana Robles


    Acrylic on canvas, 18in length x 24in width, 2020.

    Neptune is a piece that embodies the depths of emotion.Neptune in roman mythology is said to rule the seas. The sea symbolizes the depths of the inner, emotional world. Having my figure in this piece fading into the background represents colliding with the expansiveness that is our personal universes. This piece was created using acrylic and watercolor paint. I enjoy using paint as a medium most because of the whole process of mixing and pushing paint. I also used my love for watercolor as well as acrylic to convey the importance of breath when dealing with these raw emotions.

    Art Major
  • Jewelya Garcia

    Jewelya Garcia


    Graphite and ink on paper, 5.5 in. X 8.5 in., 2020.

    This piece shows the representation of the beauty coming after the wreck of death and heart break.

    Art Major
  • Breathe in Breathe Out

    Breathe in Breathe Out


    Jillian Shea, Anny Martinez, Latisha Frias, Yuridia Pena, Alex Corzo, Aaron Montallana, Jay Krataithong, Jose Lopez, Jaime Franco, ANA CAROLINA LANUZA, Tyler Adams, Jewelya Garcia, Saul Salazar, Daniel Ramirez, Hailey Marie Carvajal, Jonathan Umanzor, Jameah L. Palmer , Juan Godinez, Ariana Robles, Sarah C Corral, Justin Ayala, Guia Cartena, Christopher Venegas
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