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May 24 2021

Graduating Student Virtual Exhibition

This exhibition highlights our amazing graduating Studio Arts students.
Stacy Avendano
Roberto Galvan
Crystal Pinedo
Aaron Montallana
Christian Lopez
Oscar Hernandez
Jillian Shea
The Virtual AMP Gallery Student Exhibit – Click on Images to Expand
  • Crystal Pinedo

    Crystal Pinedo

    Crystal Pinedo Studio Art ***************** As an artist I am inspired by many different things including nature, music, and manmade objects. My work medium depends on the image I am trying to create, most of the time I prefer my work in acrylic or water color paints, other times a simple photograph will be able to capture such a beautiful image. When I create my art it is during unexpected times, I could be listening to a song and an image will appear in my head and that is when I will start sketching images to bring to life. Other days I will be walking around and then come across some plants or buildings and take some photos of them. For a while I have always been interested in art and but have had trouble expressing myself and this journey I am on to complete my art degree will further help and improve my skills. I am slowly but surely reaching my artistic goals and although it is a process it is one that I enjoy going through. I look forward to continuing my art journey this fall at CSUN.
  • Oscar Hernandez

    Oscar Hernandez

    Oscar Hernandez Online Art Show Los Angeles Mission College 5/21/2021 Artist Statement ***************** This semester as a whole was a shift year in terms of emotions from family members passing away to being accepted to my dream school to transfer in the fall of this year to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts. Just like many things in our lives there is always a sacrifice such as the all nighters of achieving to be a better artist than yesterday. The reason why I chose my drawing out of all the other artworks was the emotional connection and impact in this pandemic. The pain means the sacrifice to move forward by any means necessary and the pleasure means the enjoyment in life. We always grow through pain in order to have some pleasure in this world while we have to sacrifice things such as the balloons being let go from the little girl under the gutters. A simple looking drawing has a deeper meaning when you evaluate it's true purpose to look at and analyze. I gained inspiration from contemporary artists such as Takashi Murakamis’ cartoon-like art style and the calligraphy of the graffiti art you see in urban areas. I very much loved the art style of graffiti calligraphy as well as the quick spray paint sketches you see under highways that encapsulate hidden artists. I am particularly fond of embracing vulnerable feelings through my artworks which mainly consist of hearts that are also balloons. Vulnerability is an interesting emotion to display because it secretly relates to everybody deep inside their soul because there's no such thing as joy without pain.
  • Jillian Shea

    Jillian Shea

    Artist Statement; Jillian Shea ***************** My art is a reflection of how I see the world from a creative perspective. I draw semi realistic images using free flowing organic shapes and brush strokes, often using bright or pastel colors to make my pieces feel vibrant and lively. I like to show the female body while incorporating nature in a unpredictable way. For example, depicting the female body with flowers larger then the figure or mountains small enough to crown a head. I center my work around femininity because I feel most in tune with complexities of being a woman. I often portray woman based of characteristics I strive to have such as confidence, and being inspirational and nurturing. When I am not painting I am usually throwing clay pieces on a pottery wheel. Clay has become my favorite media to work with. The options are endless when it comes to hand building or wheel thrown work. I love the long process of ceramics; from sculpting, drying firing and glazing, the outcome is always a surprise. I look forward to developing my ceramic art style with mixing glazes and adding unique handles. Currently, I will be starting a job as a pottery instructor at a ceramic studio in Los Angeles and am excited to teach about something I am passionate about. This semester I graduate Los Angeles Mission College with a Associates degree in Multimedia Graphic and Web Design, as well as Associates Degree in Studio Arts. I will be continuing my art education at California State University Northridge studying illustration.
  • Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez

    Christian L. Studio Art (AA-T) ***************** Greetings. Today, I will be presenting my art pieces. As an overall these art pieces are called blue. I choose the color blue as it’s supposed to represent emotions such as tranquility and sadness. Which I attempted to emulate those emotions in these three pieces of work. I hope you all enjoy the pieces that I will be presenting. The first piece is a painting in a minimalism style that contains a monochromatic value of the color blue. In this painting deemed, Swan Lake. I try to emulate a relaxation of emotions with a silhouette of a ballerina. What I did was I used acrylic paint and then water down the paint and treated it: if it was water color. As I created this water like structure with the paint I attempted smoothness as a sense of peacefulness as this ballerina is dancing. While the next drawing/ mixture of a painting is deemed, Change. This is an original character I made about two years and the purpose of this mix of medians was to attempt both tranquility and sadness. As at the moment I’m writing a graphic novel that involves him changing throughout the course of the story with a very emotional journey. On the left you see a younger version of him during highschool which in this part he is supposed to be lost. One the right he is a couple years older and in college. The final piece is called, Last Conversation?. In this final piece, I attempt to use a light blue color that can create an emotional tone to the drawing/ painting. As in this piece we see two hands, one that's colored but seems to be disappearing and the other colorless. This was on purpose as the colorless feel helpless being unable to stop whoever the other person is from disappearing. While the colored hand is disappearing but is happy as they accept their fate. Since they got to live and experience many emotions, journeys and etc that many couldn't have done. All I wanted to say is thank you and I hope you had a wonderful journey experiencing my art work. I honestly tried to be an expressionist painter in these works as I wanted to emulate emotions. Some of these works I have been wanting to do. My art show, Blue is meant to show all these emotional journeys of just a color. Once again I hope you all enjoyed it and thank you.
  • Stacy Avendano

    Stacy Avendano

    Stacy Avendano Associate of Arts Degree ***************** My artwork is what I have pushed myself to do over the span of time at LA Mission College. I have used different mediums to try and express myself and create something that would represent who I am. The purpose of my art is to learn and grow from what I have done previously, each piece I created was either using a medium I have never used before or was very familiar with. With each piece I learned different ways I can use them or even how I could still improve in the techniques I use. The Associate of Arts degree is only the beginning of my journey, I still plan on learning after I leave Mission whether it is from my friends or from taking classes in another school. My journey doesn't end here with this school,degree,art styles, I want to keep growing and exploring what I can do with art and show people what I am feeling through my art.
  • Aaron Montallana

    Aaron Montallana

    My work is nothing special and yet I try to ensure that it is decent enough to be seen that way for my peers. Besides, I’ve noticed that I tend to experiment with my art a lot in a vain attempt to stand out among my fellows. Although I desire to live an ordinary and fulfilling life I have nonetheless tried to satisfy this urge to be special-to prove to those powerful heads of those animation studios that I am more than worthy and capable of completing their assignments. Thus, I made sure to exert enough effort into planning and executing my ideas that they are-at the very least-worthy to be seen in this art show. My work ranges from the surreal to the abstract. There is a focus on both of those concepts in this exhibition which can be clearly seen in my pieces. The idea that beliefs or ideals can be communicated through a lack of content or an abundance of positive space speaks to me on a spiritual level. It almost seems like these works hold a fascination to works that previously dealt with abstraction and surrealism. Furthermore, they are nothing more than experiments and while they can appear to be simple, it cannot be denied that there is some spark in them. After I’m done here in Los Angeles Mission College I’m going to transfer. Also I hope to go full-time into animation in order for me to truly pursue my goal.
  • Roberto Galvan - Balance

    Roberto Galvan - Balance

    Roberto Galvan Studio Art ***************** The title of my Sculpture is called Balance. It reflects the life and death of what a fire can do to a forest. Even though fires lead to devastation, the forest can regrow. I also wanted this sculpture to make people think before playing with fire. How something so beautiful as trees can go up in flames. On the other hand fire is life, it is warmth and heat. We use it for everyday life. This is why I titled my Balance because that is what it is, it is a balance of good and bad. The yin and yang. My name is Roberto Galvan, I been an artist since I was a little boy. It came natural to me to create things. I was raised in Alabama and moved to California in 2013. I’m graduating this year this my Studio Arts Associate degree. I would like to continue exploring the arts field. I want to do this for the rest of my life.
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